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I won the election!!!!!...

General NewsI won the election!!!!...Today, I voted -- I took a stand -- I made a choice. Not in a polling place, nor
in a public election, but in my mind. Here's how the vote went:

* I'm best suited to represent me and be responsible for myself and my property; and
* I'm best suited to manage my own affairs and property as I see fit; and
* I'm best suited to choose what 'services' I wish to use and pay for.

These three points describe one that asserts himself to be FREE. After carefully
reviewing ALL the choices, I voted for ME.

Freedom is controlling your own life and property 100% and controlling others'
life and property 0%. If an entity claims title and control to that which is
actually YOURS, then you are merely a slave to the 'authority' making these claims.
If government was truly interested in 'protecting' you, government wouldn't attempt
to steal your time, property, and productivity like a common 'thug'. What do I
care what a robber does with what he has stolen from me? -- The fact remains that
the robber (government) STOLE it in the first place. 'Pay or die' from some
fictional 'authority' doesn't seem like words that should be acceptable to a FREE
people. But then the term 'FREE' has a very different meaning to 'voters' casting
their 'votes' to enslave their fellow countrymen, using their 'votes' to choose
whichever 'thug' promises to share the most ill-gotten 'booty' with them.

So, instead of doing what so many others did, I withheld consent for anyone else
to "represent" me. I voted for ME.

Instead of saying: I consent to whatever "their" opinions are and whatever "they"
choose, I said, NO -- A thug will NOT represent me. NO -- A thug may NOT tell me
what to do with my life and my property. NO -- A thug will NEVER own me. NO --
A thug is NOT my god.

I RULE ME! And, if any 'thug' thinks they want to control me, I already know how
that's going to end -- After many 'ballots' are cast, it will be proven that I am

Oh, and one last point, it's not the soldier serving as a henchman in the world's
largest, most violent gang, terrorizing people on the other side of the world that
preserves anyone's 'FREEDOMS' or 'right' to 'vote' for the limited choices offered
by a ballot. The ONLY reason any people have even a shred of 'FREEDOM' left is
because others have stepped forward and said, "I RULE ME!" and 'voted' for
themselves. Ask yourself, "Am I empowering FREEDOM, or am I empowering a fictional
'authority' for my own and others' enslavement?" When will the mice finally realize
that it really doesn't matter the color of the cat they choose to eat away their
very substance? For the mice's very survival, the mice need to stop asking the cats
(whatever their color) to 'protect them', 'provide for them', and 'lead them to freedom', for
the cats have their own agenda for the mice.

Al Lamb
(With credit to AbsentReligion (Reverend Jay Vincent Shore), , and for makin' me think.)
“…when it comes to restricting the state, the law isn’t worth the paper it’s written on.”
~Kevin Carson

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I won the election!!!!!...
Authored by: Richard DttNWO on Thursday, November 04 2010 @ 01:19 PM CDT

You always have my vote, Brother AL !!!