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Hutaree Update > More Lies and Pre-Trial Dancing by Feds

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Confidential informant said Mark Koernke was a group leader, but he was not charged

Activist tied to Hutaree Robert Snell / The Detroit News

Detroit —Federal investigators opened an investigation into the Hutaree militia in September 2008 after a confidential informant said Dexter-area militia activist Mark Koernke was a group leader, a lawyer said Friday.

The claim was included in paperwork filed in federal court Friday by a lawyer representing alleged Hutaree member David Stone Jr. The lawyer, Todd A. Shanker of the Federal Defender Office, appealed a magistrate judge's order denying a pretrial hearing to weigh the admissibility of evidence. var g_pct_siteid = '7722';var g_pct_clicktracker = '';


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Koernke was considered a leader of the militia movement and has hosted the "Mark from Michigan" radio show.

The appeal describes evidence recently turned over to Stone Jr.'s lawyer chronicling the start of the federal investigation into Hutaree militia members. The members are accused of plotting to kill police officers and spark an uprising against the U.S. government.

A confidential informant and an active member of the Southeast Michigan Volunteer Militia identified Koernke and David Stone Sr. as being leaders of the Hutaree, according to the filing.

"This information has proven to be utterly false," Shanker wrote, noting Koernke was not charged in the Hutaree case.

The Stones and seven other alleged followers of the Lenawee County-based group were indicted in March. Charges include seditious conspiracy and attempted use of weapons of mass destruction.

Friday's filing is not the first time Koernke's name has surfaced in the Hutaree case.

Stone Sr.'s father, Ray Stone of Clayton, testified during an April hearing that he had visited Koernke, and his son, David, had visited Koernke several times since Koernke left prison.

Koernke was freed in 2007 after serving about six years for charges that included assaulting police.

The appeal to U.S. District Judge Victoria A. Roberts comes two weeks after U.S. Magistrate Judge Paul J. Komives denied a request for the pretrial hearing.

There was no plan and no target identified by nine Hutaree members facing charges in U.S. District Court in Detroit, Shanker wrote.

He said a pretrial hearing is the safest way to avoid a mistrial.

Staff Writer Paul Egan contributed.

From The Detroit News:

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