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Wednesday, February 21 2018 @ 04:40 PM CST

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Happy Easter my Brothers and Sisters

General NewsToday I celebrate our brotherhood of Patriots in the name of the KING ... and of HIS historical revolutionary message in HIS resurrection! He was a dangerous Christian, as William Cooper said ... just as we should be!

Happy Easter Brothers and Sisters!!!

No eggs, jelly beans or furry bunnies here ... just a quiet revolutionary who keeps his Brothers and Sisters in his prayers of thankfulness.

Thankfulness for all their dedication & hard work ...

thankfulness for their contributions

toward reasserting and re-establishing our birthright of Freedom ...

Thankfulness for their continued and constant friendship in this, our battle of Freemen over those who would enslave us!

Happy Easter!

May we all be guided by HIS example, to rise to the coming confrontation ... offering our best resistance as we face and fight the beast!!!

A special prayer goes out to AZ and our Brothers who are captive in the belly of the Beast.


We shall be victorious!
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The Abomination's FINAL Insult for Americans

General News



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A look at another Commie Rep and 'Loose Moose' (video)

General News

Are you keeping track of these congress critters ... the political and professional a$$holes?

Sedition and treason by commies is ignored & welcomed, but when honest God fearing HUTAREE Patriots contemplate TEOTWAWKI, they're gobbled up and left to drown in the belly of the beast ...  


YAH be with you brother AZ and fellow Patriot militiamen!

Don't you think it's long past the time for all Patriots to have started 'scrapbooking' these commie D.C. bastids and their families???

DttNWO and their spawn ...


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Will this be just another line in the sand for US???

General News

The Abomination injects his mulatto, muslim, masquerading, maurading, commie bastid, usurping, psychologically scarred, twisted, insidious, misfit personna on Americans ... 

There's an implanted RFID chip in your future!

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Defense of Innocent Hutaree Patriots

General News

Hutaree: Real threat or good ol' boys?

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Feds Indict White Wolves Militia

General News

Connecticut White Wolves Militia Group Indicted by Feds

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The Michigan HUTAREE according to the FiBI

General News


Feds say militia members wanted to attack cops

Here are updated and additional related story links: 
See LATEST ENTRIES > May 7th, 8th, 10th > * Hold on Bond and * Hutaree Release Debated  * Bond Appeal Review - No Release

Updated Source URL (as of Mon, 3/29 @ 5PM) >

Updated Source URL (as of Tues, 3/30 @ 4:45PM)

Updated Source URL (as of Wed, 3/31 @ 4:20PM) >

A Time / CNN URL (as of Wed, 3/31) >,8599,1976665,00.html?iid=sphere-inline-sidebar

FBI: 'Ruse' used to arrest Hutaree members

From Michigan Free Press (Thurs, 4/1) > Hutaree: Real threat or good ol' boys? 
Militia all talk, no action, defense lawyers argue

Brother doubts alleged violent plan >

Indiana Militia Knew Of FBI Target Hutaree >

Feds say they saw pattern of escalating hostility in Hutaree >

Cause for War (William Norman Grigg)

Hutaree arrests: gut-check for militias (LA Times) >,0,5490262.story

Hutaree leader's speech called for war on ‘New World Order’ (Daily Telegram) >

True?Crime - 48 Hrs: Mystery - Hutaree Militia Raided >

Feds: Militia Leader Told Members Be Ready to Kill >

Beware of 'Militia' Traitors >

How the FiBI infiltrated the Hutaree >

Judge scolds prosecutors at hearing for Hutaree militia members >

Father testifies Hutaree suspect visitied militia activist Mark Koernke >

May 3rd > Judge grants bond for Hutaree militia members >

The conditions:

All nine must surrender all guns and gun licenses and cannot apply for gun licenses.
They must seek employment and report to federal authorities weekly.
They also cannot drink alcohol or use drugs and will be tested regularly.
They also cannot have contact with each other unless their attorney is present.
The accused must also provide lists of all other Hutaree members and any other militia groups they associated with

David Brian Stone Sr. cannot associate or have contact with Mark Koernke
Stone also cannot use a computer or the Internet.

Stone's wife Tina
is banned from using a computer or the Internet

is ordered to shut down the Hutaree website and refrain from starting any other website.
He must also get a mental health evaluation and refrain from using a computer or the Internet.

must get a mental health evaluation

must get an alcohol assessment.

May 7th >  Appeals court puts Hutaree bonds on hold >

May 8th > Hutarees' release debated >

May 10th > Hutaree militia to remain behind bars pending appeal

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It just makes no Common Census

General News

The Census and the Constitution

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Marines knowingly exposed ... fight cancer at Lejeune front

General News

Danger of Marines’ water removed from report

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AmeriKan BLUE Gang (video) and an Open Letter to these BLUE bastids!

General News

Choose this day whom you will serve!

A video of the BLUE gang at work in AmeriKa >


An open letter to "Law Enforcement" follows:

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Decadence, Debauchery and the Abomination

General News

Store more water, food and AMMO ... these bastids have to be put down like rabid animals!

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"Aim small ... miss small" Part1

General News


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Meet the Enemy Head On!

General News