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  • Power Hour News (2,851)
    "Knowledge Is Power" - An informed citizen is freedom's best friend and a controlled citizen is our worst enemy! WE WILL NOT STOP!!!
  • Labor Day History (1,132)
    The History Channel looks at the origins of Labor Day ...

    Wishing you a happy, safe family day and that you'll remember the American workers, everyday!
  • 350 Years of Economic Theory in 50 Minutes (1,080)
    Presenter: author and scholar Dr. Mark Thornton. A lecture to a group of home school parents and students.
  • Blacklisted News (1,077)
    Independent Media for Independent Minds
  • Peter McCandless (1,054)
    Doctor Peter McCandless was a former Associate Professor of Mathematics in the Kansas City area. His hobbies include competing in U.S. Masters Swimming, traveling, and watching airplanes take off and land.

    He hopes you enjoy listening to his show on Liberty News Radio and hearing his unwavering principle-based message in the cause for freedom.
  • Liberty News Radio (1,030)
    Liberty News Radio
  • Judge Andrew Napolitano - Nation of Sheep (972)
    Recorded at the Mises Institute Supporters Summit, The Gold Standard Revisited, 31 October 2008; Auburn, Alabama. Includes introductions by Mark Thornton and Lew Rockwell, and the presentation of the 2008 George F. Koether Free-Market Writing Award to Judge Andrew Napolitano.
  • Anticapitalists: Barbarians inside the Gate (900)
    The Mises Memorial Lecture, given by Larry Sechrest at the 2008 Austrian Scholars Conference, Ludwig von Mises Institute, Auburn Alabama; 15 March 2008.
  • Americanization of Emily (836)
    Very apt...A good read would be Gen Smedley Butler from WWI who wrote "War Is A Racket". Here's an excerpt "...there are only two things we should fight for. One is the defense of our homes and the other is the Bill of Rights". While there are some heroic war casualties, most war casualties have been for other reasons, historically, the fodder was general populous for the gain of elites observing from beyond the theater of war.
  • Midas Resources, Inc. (805)
    Premiere Source for Precious Metals.